DAHDI 2.9.2 Upgrade Notes

These notes only apply to:

  • Digium TE133/TE131 cards that are in firmware version 780017 or earlier
  • Digium TE435/TE235 cards that are in firmware version e0017 or ealier


The system will need to be power cycled after the upgrade. Your cards will not be usable until then.

After the upgrade

First, you need to install the latest firmware for your TE133/TE131 or TE435/TE235 cards:

xivo-fetchfw install digium-te133
xivo-fetchfw install digium-te435

Then stop all the services and reload the DAHDI modules. Reloading the DAHDI module might take up to 30 seconds:

xivo-service stop
service dahdi stop
service dahdi start

Following this manipulation, you should see something similar at the end of the /var/log/messages file:

dahdi: Telephony Interface Unloaded
dahdi: Version: 2.9.2
dahdi: Telephony Interface Registered on major 196
wcte13xp 0000:03:0c.0: Firmware version 780017 is running, but we require version 780019.
wcte13xp 0000:03:0c.0: firmware: agent loaded dahdi-fw-te133.bin into memory
wcte13xp 0000:03:0c.0: Found dahdi-fw-te133.bin (version: 780019) Preparing for flash
wcte13xp 0000:03:0c.0: Uploading dahdi-fw-te133.bin. This can take up to 30 seconds.
wcte13xp 0000:03:0c.0: Delaying reset. Firmware load requires a power cycle
wcte13xp 0000:03:0c.0: Running firmware version: 780017
wcte13xp 0000:03:0c.0: Loaded firmware version: 780019 (Will load after next power cycle)
wcte13xp 0000:03:0c.0: FALC version: 5
wcte13xp 0000:03:0c.0: Setting up global serial parameters for T1
wcte13xp 0000:03:0c.0: VPM450: firmware dahdi-fw-oct6114-032.bin not available from userspace

For the firmware update to complete, you must halt the machine (a reboot won’t be enough) before restarting it.